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Types of Modern Coffee Tables

It’s always advisable for one to consider the suitability and cost of the coffee table before buying. As the online purchasing provides one of the best ways acquiring these tables at cheaper costs, ensure that you have chosen the best that will satisfy the intended purpose. Below are some of the skillfully designed pieces of art works in form of tables;

Bamboo coffee tables

Bamboo made tables also serve the same purpose as wooden made ones where they emphasize on traditional theme in the interiors. On the other hand, bamboo made tables also show case Asian and island theme for people who might prefer them. The main reason why most people prefer using bamboo is because it is strong, sturdy and beautiful. Some processes are undergone when preparing this material for construction such as stripping the bamboo, boiling and then gluing the strips all of them together. In most countries, any type of bamboo made coffee table is very expensive because these materials are imported and the process of preparing these materials for construction is quite long.

Wrought iron coffee tables

Basically, for extra knowledge, ‘wrought’ is a term that means ‘work’ thus wrought iron stands for ‘worked iron’. When it comes to metal work, highly skilled and trained master craftsmen have well mastered their artistry in hammering and bending the metal to unique pieces and shapes which are attractive. They are hammered to last longer and enhance their resistant to corrosion. After the metal has been shaped in the right way, they are later combined and paired with either glass or stone to enhance the beauty of the table.

Lucite coffee tables

This is one of the most elegant, trendy and mesmerizing types of table to satisfy any visual appeal. For the few who are bored and are not interested in glass tables anymore, they should try this one. It is clearer and stronger than glass and efficiently gives an illusion of space to the eye. It’s most appropriate for people who want to show off their attractive carpets or rugs.

White and black coffee tables

These are some common types found in hotels and in homes. They have these colors to complement a particular occasion or theme in the house.

These are the most popular shapes despite the material used to make them. The round shaped table is attractive and strikes the eye at an instant therefore its good when used as a decorative piece. Rectangular tables are appropriate when used as placement spots. Go for tables that don’t have sharp edges in the presence of young and playful kids.